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Since 2020

street food

Signature Asian Cuisine

A new gastronomic concept, our Asian cuisine  fused with Spanish customs.


The typical tapas now in our Cádiz premises at the hands of the Chef Zhen Ling Shi, with products from the area, but with oriental flavors and elaborations. 

In our local with views of the cathedral  you will enjoy this new concept of Street Food. Tasting our signature Asian cuisine with the dishes that you will find at  our Tapas Menu which will change every month.


premium products

Asian flavors

With more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality sector, always with our Feng Shui philosophy. Nuestro Restaurante Feng Shui Street  pretende ser uno de los mejores o el mejor Restaurante_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_Asiático de Cádiz.


In our premises, as in our kitchen, we seek to convey balance and harmony. Making an evening in our restaurant an unforgettable memory of a great new Asian gastronomic experience, in the heart of Cádiz.

feng shui street

    Asian Restaurant in Cadiz 

In Feng Shui Street you can enjoy also

 of our traditional Asian cuisine. Flavors from all over the Asian continent through Japanese, Thai, Cantonese, Chinese cuisine, etc.

Our dining room will transmit much of the history of Cádiz, through its walls that are part of the Old Wall of Cádiz and the Aljibe that is under its floor , which can be seen through glass.

It is here where the history of beautiful city   will mix with the oriental flavors of our restaurant menu, and our Feng Shui culture peace, balance and harmony..


Decoration, flavour, quality, technique... Everything in perfect harmony to create this Cadiz and Oriental fusion.

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